• Celine Carsalade Law Firm is a member of the AAMTI, the Association of Agent-Lawyers in real estate transactions and intervenes regularly as an agent. Through this status , the office accompany you in your different real estate projects in Saint Barth or in mainland France.


The transaction operation related to a property requires a legal and a real estate expertise. This is why the intervention of the lawyers along the ones of the notary and of the real estate agent provides an added value to the transaction. As a law professional and as real estate specialist, the law firm is the perfect agent which will bring security to the transaction. The deontological obligations falling to her will permit to secure your operations.
Information, control, effectiveness, confidentiality and loyalty are the key words all along the transaction.
This is why, since the Hoguet law of the 2nd of January 1970 came into force, the lawyer is allowed to practice this activity as an accessory activity.

Celine carsalade, as a member of the AAMTI, put her knowledge to good use to take care, for you, during all the step of the process, the sale of your property.

As such, the law firm offers some properties, most of them luxurious, available to be purchased.