Rights of Enforcements Procedures



When the procedure was initiated, our firm consistently deploys an approach based on taking of precautionary measures. For asking precautionary measures, we need to file a request with the court. This will allow to get the protective attachment order : for transferable securities, for bank accounts, provisional mortgage. That keeps a pressure on the potential debtor.

Frequently the success of the procedure depends measures taken at first.


In order to be prepared to respond to emergency situations, our law firm has skills for to introduce interlocutory proceedings. This procedure came to compensate for slowness of some procedures.

This emergency procedure can take many different shapes ( (the emergency proceeding intervention during the hour or at fix day, urgent measures in family matters or when there are a violation of  a fundamental freedom, as well that for the construction matters…).


For the debt collection, involvement of our firm is to ensure that recalcitrant debtors are paying their debts. We are competent to manage a friendly settlement or a litigation procedure, from a formal notive up until final verdict.


Our firm gives great importance to ensure proper enforcement of judgements of the court order. We advise our customers for they find a suitable choice for process of execution. After the best angle determined, we perform the necessary steps for its implementation. The aim of this initiative was that this allows our customers to recover the outstanding sums by recalcitrant debtor.