Right of People



Through to our long and comprehensive experience in the field of compensation of the physical harm, our firm is recognized for his scope of intervention aimed at getting the better compensation for customers who are the victims of physical harm, because of circumstance many and varied as an accident, an assault, a hospital-acquired infection (nosocomial infection), or under to a medical malpractice.

We benefit from a network of professional practitioners (the medical adviser, specialist advisors, expert…) which allows us to offering quality service in these areas.


In case of arresting by the police force, we work right away alongside you (audition, custody…).

We also support you when you are summoned to appear in police court or in criminal court. we will you provide a defence in the following areas :

  • Offences against the person
  • Offences against property
  • Trafic offences
  • Labour Code offences
  • Town Planning Code offences


In usual way, our office intervenes in family law, for :

  • the legal separation
  • the contentious divorce (the divorce accepted, the definitive severing of marital ties, the at-fault divorce)
  • the uncontested divorce
  • the child custody and the settlment of his residence
  • the contribution to the maintenance and education of the child
  • the parental authority
  • the disputes about child support
  • the disputes about the access and custody rights of grandparents
  • the change of patronymic name
  • the Simple or full adoption
  • etc …

We assist you with the procedure and in defense of your rights.

We also guide you for the implementation of the winding-up proceedings of matrimonial regimes, in particular for joint possession problems and division problems (volontary or compulsory).


Concerning the matters of inheritance, we help you in all steps of the procedure to be followed while the amicable phase. Also, we advice you on the extensive field of your rights.

We help you to choose the most favourable hypothesis among :

  • simply to accept succession
  • to accept succession at the rate of net assets
  • to refuse the succession

To be most effective, we maintain close ties with the legal offices and property experts. They allow searching for : the heirs and to establish the termes and conditions of succession, or even, the title of property and the assets are montgaged…

Moreover, SAINT-BARTHELEMY has its own tax system. So, after the estate, we lead the customers through this problem area of taxation. We perceived this problems for the open succession or the international succession.


The protected adults are under the protection of a “legal trustee for protection of adults” and a legal guardians family. Our law firm them aids and advices for their missions.

By mastering the general legal field of right, we are working on all legal aspects of adult which are afforded a special protection.

This includes :

  • Real estate law (sale and purchase, residential and commercial leases, eviction…)
  • Family law ( divorce, parental responsibility and maintenance obligations …)
  • Inheritance tax
  • Criminal law (abuse of weakness, mistreatment …)
  • Labour law (contract for Cheques for Universal Employment Services, dismissal procedure, labour court procedures…)