Real Estate Law



Our law firm develops legal expertise for many aspect of the landlord tenant relationship. You can contact us if your questions about landlord and tenant law, in particular as regards amicale settlement and dispute management for the commercial and residential leases.

Our experience enable us to do develop relevant procedural strategies for to guarantee your rights. For example, topics such as : the sequestration of assets, the rupture of commodatum, the opposed to the summons to pay, the advance notice, the defence against eviction, the rent repayment order, the fees and charges undue …

Besides the drafting of legal instruments, we assist you before the court in the exercice of your rights of defence.



Our law firm specializes in urban planning and construction law, in partucular with Saint-Barthelemy’s rules that are specific. Our team will assists you throughout the construction stages, whether in pre-litigation or litigation, both before the judicial that administrative jurisdictions.

Project manager and compagny could bring into conflict as regards to building construction (defective, faulty construction, unpaid, desertion of construction site …)

In litige case, we are skilful to stand up for interests of the company and the individual people rights. We could to act on a number of fronts, as :

  • the manufacturer's liability ( contractual guarantees, legal assurances and insurance field with work injury assurance …)
  • the duties of subcontractors
  • the request of judicial expertise (summary hearing when there are an emergency proceedings, support at expertises operations, writing a rapport for the expert opinion, analysis the expert reports …)

Furthermore, we assist you without direct reference to any litigation for the drafting of contracts or for follow up their implementation…


Our firm already did its proofs as regards the urban affairs. It defending the private individuals and companies who have problems with a decisions of public communities. This could be the hypotheses in which ones the local authority refuses to issue driving licence or that her issuing is to made illegally. In such circumstances, we will request the cancellation of the decision.

We are competent for the issues of land law (Local Urban Masterplan, municipal map, territorial map), as regard land law planning (assistance from communities and developers), planning permission and pre-emptive right…


Our law firm may intervene at every stages an the marketing operation of real property.  From acquisition to sale of real property, we assist our customers for they complete successfully theirs project (auditing by an expert, linking you to the notary who to work closely with our firm, the sale of building to build, the sale of building to renovate, the sale subjects to conditions, real estate promotion contract …)

It’s on this basis that we established contacts with many partnerships in the French Metropolis and to the United States (New-York and Miami). Moreover, ME, CELINE CARSALADE is a member at the French-American Chamber of Commerce.


Our law firm may intervene at every stages the management operation of real property. We are there to ensure the longevity of asset, whether it be in council or in litigation for the condominium property (cost-recovery, Géneral Meetings, interaction between co-owners and third parties, liability actions…). Also, we intervene for leases management.