Labor Law and Economic Law



We defending the interest of our customers, employee or employer, by assisting them before the Labour Court.

In case of litigation, our firm has reputed skills for serving the interest of salaried.

  • Contestation de licenciement et indemnisation
  • Recouvrement de sommes contre un employeur en faillite
  • Non-paiement de salaires, travail dissimulé
  • Rupture conventionnelle

Our firm helps the employer for the drafting of employment contracts, the dismissal procedures (prior interview, dismissal letters), procedure for unfitness, mutually agreed termination of contract, transaction processing.


Our thematic areas are the labour law, the right to social care ( the health and safety). We assist and represent you to ensure that your rights are respected at each stade.

By especially for :

  • le contentieux individuel salariés-employeurs
  • le contentieux des élections professionnelles, de désignation des délégués syndicaux …
  • le contentieux des accidents du travail et de la faute inexcusable, contentieux URSSAF …
  • le contentieux de l’incapacité et contentieux de la tarification
  • l’organisation d’élections de représentants du personnel.


Our law firm is able to accompany you during the period of evaluation of your rights at pension benefits.

We are studying the terms of your voluntary retirement to based on the staff relations.

We provide services such as :

  • constitution de votre dossier
  • préavis
  • indemnité de départ en retraite et son régime fiscal et social
  • négocier votre mise en retraite
  • requalifier votre retraite en licenciement nul ou abusif


Our firm assists you at the moment of a transaction of business assets, whether    for a sale (transfer of the client base of a business, transfer of lease rights, transfer of business assets),  or a purchase.  With our advices, we allow you to secure and optimise your transactions. They can have serious adverse impacts for a tradesman or a contractor.


Armed with a local experience in the islands of Guadeloupe, we will be able to guide you and assist you in all necessary steps to start up your project. We also provide highly competent advices and support which enables us to provide you with personal service to build a society. The proposed audits will provide additional alternatives close to expectations of customers, including writing the legal acts who allows to ensure optimal protection.

With our skills we are better positioned to guide the companies on external legal aspects (breach of corporate rights) just as much that on internal legal aspect (relationships between associates but also with the managing director).


Our firm supports and rescues the struggling companies. We recommand at our customers the best strategies to face up to those difficulties ( receivership, compulsory liquidation and safeguard procedure).

If you are in over-indebtedness but you want to avoid  recovery proceedings, we implement pragmatic solutions in your favour. Following the analysis carried out, we looking for solutions for getting out of over-indebtedness. For example, we your propose to negotiate the turnaround times or  explore buyback proposals of debt…