Born in Brussels in 1972, Christophe Agostini a.k.a. Aïssa worked for more than 15 years in the financial field in Belgium before emigrating to Morocco in 2009.
He settled in Marrakesh to start a garden design-and-delivery company with talented landscapers. Nonetheless, he ended up drawing sketches himself.

In 2015, he met a Sufi master in the Souss mountains and his life shifted towards spirituality. It was the beginning of
a soul-searching quest that led him to meet Morocco and India’s great saints and healers.

In 2017, he has got into painting in his Marrakesh office turned into a studio.
He has touched on everything: acrylic, oils, pastel, and charcoal on various surfaces such as canvas and paper.

He can also model clay.

For the last two and half years, he painted 250 canvas and 250 works on paper, merging the Sufi and Hindu traditions.
His clients are in London, Paris, Rome and Casablanca and in 2018, BNP Paribas ordered him an art piece in Paris.

In 2018, he has put to use the initiations received from his masters and has created his own healing technique by merging the Sufi and Hindu traditions.

Today, Aïssa lives between Marrakesh, Paris and London while inspiring himself with the energy of every place where he lives.


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